chapter  2
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LLI (Laws of Lipit-Ištar)

WithIlan Peled

This chapter deals with the laws concerning gender relations in Lipit-Ištar. One of the laws states that If a man’s slave-woman or (male) slave flees within the city, and it is confirmed that the slave dwelt in another man’s house for one month, then he (who harbored the slave) shall give slave for slave. Another law states that if the master of the household or the mistress of the household has defaulted on the taxes of the household, and an outsider bears them, then for three years the head of the household shall not be evicted; but after this period, the person who bore the household tax shall take that household, and the master of the household shall not make any claims. According to another law, if a man does not raise a son whom he contracted to raise in an apprenticeship, and this fact is confirmed before the judges, then he shall be returned to his birth mother.