chapter  Chapter 4
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Conceptual framework to select urban drainage system technology based on the Three-Step Strategic Approach

WithAlberto Galvis Castaño

100A new Conceptual framework for technology selection for the collection and transport of wastewater and stormwater in urban areas is proposed. The CF includes a multi-criteria analysis, considering technical, environmental, operational, maintenance, cost and institutional aspects. The model considers: 1. Pollution prevention and waste minimization (Step 1 of the Three-Step Strategic Approach); 2. Sustainable drainage system selection; 3. Feasibility of surface drainage; 4. The selection of combined or separate sewers; 5. Further selection of sewer type. The Conceptual framework uses a relatively small number of criteria and the information requirements are limited. For the case study Las Vegas (Cali, Colombia), local institutions planned for a traditional separate sewer. The results obtained with the model were different: erosion control and watershed maintenance; detention tanks; combined sewer. Application of the Conceptual framework in Latin America can contribute to: 1) improving urban drainage planning, 2) considering more technological options 3) improving selection of urban drainage technology.