chapter  1
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A study on basic ideas and strategies for establishing a new urban housing system1

WithLu Xueyi

On April 5, 1980, Deng Xiaoping delivered a speech on housing system reform in China and provided an overall plan with the objectives, tasks, and steps of reform. Dramatic breakthroughs have been achieved with respect to setting up the system of housing provident funds, steady sales of public-owned housing, and the promotion of rent reform. The housing system reform will be an opportunity for the great development of the housing construction industry. Housing system reform should not only be coordinated with reform of the economic system to allow for economic development, but also with social system reform and be conducive to social stability and development. There are two main aspects of ideological work relating to housing reform. One is to have a correct theoretical understanding of the reform. The other is to resolve in time various forms of ideological resistance to ensure smooth progress.