chapter  2
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A new situation and new tasks at the new stage of rural development1

Some suggestions on carrying out the campaign for building new socialist rural areas centered on the development of small towns
WithLu Xueyi

Different regions especially the economically developed areas all have a number of successful examples of small towns promoting agriculture and rural development in the surrounding areas. According to China’s current level of agricultural production, 150 million labourers are enough to guarantee the production and supply of agricultural products and meet the needs of national economic development and the whole society. Enhancing the organization and leadership of the campaign to build a new socialist countryside is cantered on the development of small towns. Township and village enterprises are mainly engaged in the secondary and tertiary industries, and should be concentrated in small towns and even cities at a certain stage. With 20 years of economic construction, whether in terms of material wealth or organizational experience, it is possible to launch a nationwide campaign to build a new socialist countryside cantered on large-scale development of small towns.