chapter  4
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The program of building a new countryside of Jiangsu province should be halted immediately1

WithLu Xueyi

On February 19, 2006, the Daily Telegraph of the Xinhua News Agency posted a message: “Jiangsu Province will go all-out to carry on the town-village distribution program. Building a new socialist countryside and achieving the goals of development in production, affluent life, civilized styles of living, clean and tidy villages, and democratic management, the contents are comprehensive and rich, covering all aspects of building a new socialist countryside. The program put forward by Jiangsu Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development is unrealistic. It neither accords with the vital interests of the farmers, nor conforms to the general direction of building a new socialist countryside, and should therefore be halted immediately through explicit order. In the 20-character guideline for the construction of a new countryside, increasing production and achieving affluence in life are the first, the most crucial, and the most important. They are also the starting point and end result of building a new countryside.