chapter  7
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The core task of social construction at the new stage

Adjustment of social structure1
WithLu Xueyi

The practice of modernization shows that at different stages of development, the tasks and modes of development of a country or region exhibit periodic features. The great contributions made by migrant workers should occupy a very important and glorious position in the history of China’s industrialization, modernization, and urban construction. The government should truly take social construction as the core and increasingly hand over matters such as economic development and improving efficiency to the market. The economic and social structural reforms have greatly accelerated the transformations of society from agricultural to industrial, from rural to urban, and from traditional to modern. An ideal modern social structure should have such essential features as fairness, reasonableness, and openness. More concretely, the social structure of a country or region comprises a variety of substructures. The structure of people’s necessity-pushed activities mainly includes the structures of employment, income distribution, and consumption, which reflect the allocation of resources and opportunities and its processes.