chapter  8
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Building new socialist cities should be the strategic focus of the Twelfth Five-Year Plan1

WithLu Xueyi

Building a new socialist countryside was clearly included in the Eleventh Five-Year Plan as an important historical task. In 1998, the strategy of building small towns and realizing urbanization was put forward with the aim of attracting farmers to seek employment and residence in small towns. Achieving economic and social integration of urban and rural areas is the idea implicated in the theme of building a socialist market economy. In order to make the society more harmonious, stable, and orderly, it is necessary to change the current situation of semi-urbanization, build new socialist cities, and speed up the pace of urbanization. Urbanization is a major event in China, as well as in the world. It is an important task to be accomplished in the cause of achieving socialist modernization with Chinese characteristics. It is therefore necessary to make the construction of new socialist cities the strategic focus of the Twelfth Five-Year Plan.