chapter  9
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China’s current economic and social situation, and social construction1

WithLu Xueyi

Entering the 21st century, in the tide of globalization, marketization, industrialization, informatization, and urbanization, China’s development is facing a new situation. China has entered a crucial period of reform and development with profound changes in its economic system and social structure, profound adjustment in interest patterns, and profound changes in thinking. The general layout of the socialist cause was changed from the trinity of economic, political, and cultural constructions to an overall four-in-one layout of economic construction, political construction, cultural construction, and social construction. At the present stage, under the impetus of the reform of the economic system and sustained and rapid economic growth, China’s economic structure has reached the intermediate level of industrialized societies. Its social structure lags seriously behind the economic structure. The tasks of the new stage are to carry out the reform of the social system and lay stress on social construction and the improvement of social management while continuing economic construction.