chapter  11
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Towards a fuller picture

The fruits of ramified natural theology
ByRodney Holder

This chapter revisits the author's presentation of the evidence and synthesize an overall assessment of the truths of Christian claims. In line with Swinburne’s broader programme and detailed, logical assessment, it includes background knowledge from natural theology. With Swinburne the author agrees that this probability is unaffected by assuming all data of natural theology. The Christian story is about a historical personage, whose execution can be dated pretty accurately, under a named Roman magistrate, and with whom the society that He founded is in a continuous relation down to the present day. It is not the difference between falsehood and truth. Some of the miracles wrought by the prophet might be such as to prompt questions about his identity, especially if they mimic actions already perceived to be of divine origin. It would be the resurrection that would most likely mark out God incarnate from a non-divine prophet.