chapter  3
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Natural theology and modern cosmology

The cosmological and design arguments
ByRodney Holder

Modern cosmology tells us that the universe began with a gigantic explosion the author now calls the Big Bang, out of which all the galaxies, stars, and planets he observe today evolved over a period of 13.8 billion years. In this chapter, the author argues that two proposals made by cosmologists fail to explain away the universe's beginning. The cosmological argument proceeds from the existence of the universe to God. This form of argument is known as the kalamcosmological argument. It could equally well be called the temporal cosmological argument—as opposed to the argument of Thomas Aquinas, which does not rely on there being a beginning to the universe and to which the author shall come in due course. Modern cosmology tells us that the universe is set up in a very special way indeed, seemingly in order for us to be here to observe it.