chapter  9
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Ramified natural theology in action

Outline of the argument for the historicity of the resurrection of Jesus
ByRodney Holder

This chapter looks at some of the reasons and evidence for the most important miracle of all in Christian belief, namely the resurrection of Jesus. It considers St Paul’s testimony in 1 Corinthians 15, what the gospels and Acts have to say (including differences between accounts), and, to a limited extent what certain extra-Biblical sources contribute. The chapter explores what alternative explanations for the evidence there might be, and argues that none do justice to the texts. It takes into account modern Biblical scholarship, including challenging more sceptical views, and shows that it is indeed rational to believe in the truth of the resurrection, though the logic of the argument when he considers and applies the Bayesian approach. The chapter discusses that there is considerable evidence that Jesus rose from the dead. It is historical evidence of the testimony of witnesses, and history cannot be repeated.