chapter  5
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Social relations, family, women, education (社会关系, 家庭, 女人, 教育)

ByLiwei Jiao

关系 (connections) play an extremely important role in Chinese society, particularly given that people’s concept of social hierarchy is still strong and equal rights have not been fully implemented. A person not knowing 人情世故 489 (worldly wisdom) is considered immature. One value expressed in folk culture is to be friendly with everyone (与人为善). 490 However, humans are wicked (人心险恶 491 ) and a man cannot help but to go with the tide (人在江湖, 身不由己). 492 The Thick Black Theory (厚黑学 493 ) has been popular ever since its birth in 1911. The key concepts of this theory include 脸皮厚 494 (face-skin-thick, shameless) and 心黑 495 (heart-black, cruel). In most cases, worldly wisdom lies in choosing a side to stand with (站队). 496 If you are lucky to be on the winning side, your life will be much easier.

#19 Oneself and others (人 与 己); #26 Not standing out (不 出 头); #135 Find a happy medium (折 中); #136 Individual vs. group (一 人 与 一 群); #145 To one’s face and in his back ( 当 面 与 背 后); #165 Social hierarchy (等 级); #196 Friends and friendship (朋 友, 友 谊)