chapter  Chapter 5
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Antisocial tendency and deprivation

ByLaura Dethiville

The concept of antisocial tendency and deprivation are new terms introduced by Winnicott to psychoanalytic vocabulary. As on many other occasions, he has forged these terms based on his clinical experience. This was how he worked. Something unknown would appear in his clinical work, something that had not yet been accounted for in the theory, he respected it and then tried to formalize it. Sometimes this would produce brilliant semantic findings but sometimes less positive phrases. However, we have to admit that there is often a lack of precision in the use of these ideas, a shortcoming that becomes a possible source of confusion and quid pro quo. This is particularly true of the “antisocial tendency”, one of the most diabolical concepts of his corpus, especially for we French, for we must absolutely not confuse “antisocial tendency” and “delinquency” or “asocial act”.