chapter  6
Private sector
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The private sector plays an important role in California’s collective adaptation to climate change. Given the scale of climate change, no single sector can be expected to carry the burden of climate change impacts in isolation. Public investments in resilience and hazard mitigation in a particular geography that are intended to protect a tax base will be limited in their effectiveness if private enterprises are not prepared to adapt to climate change in their own right. Private enterprises will need to advance their own adaptive capacity for identifying climate change signals that impact their bottomline, supply chains and markets. Thereafter, they will need to be able to develop and resource strategies that not only manage the risks but also take advantage of the opportunities. Inherent in these broader economic disruptions are opportunities to capture and create new markets. However, for those risks that do manifest, it is necessary for private enterprises to have the requisite investments in organizational resilience that allow for the continuity of business operations with minimal disruptions on consumers and communities.