chapter  8
Moving forward
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Asset managers will need to evaluate a range of risks and uncertainties across large portfolios of assets, and emergency managers will need to understand the ways and means of capital planning. Risk managers will need to move beyond historical data to anticipate probabilistic and nonprobabilistic stresses and shocks associated with climate change. Planners, designers and engineers will need to understand the asset management and risk management considerations defining LCCA and life-cycle performance. Bankers and bond investors will need to adjust the bottom line to account for lagging benefits and innovative investments in risk mitigation, resilience and adaptation. Community investors and advocates will need to continue to develop novel metrics of measuring and justifying a more just and equitable distribution of investment benefits. Ultimately, executive leadership and elected officials will need to understand that the economics of climate change can work for and against their respective constituencies. There are both costs and opportunities. To this end, this guide has provided a foundation for framing information that can support more effective, efficient and equitable decisions concerning the development of adaptation strategies, as well as the tactical deployment of capital among investment alternatives.