chapter  1
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Focusing on the Why

WithTimothy D. Green, Loretta C. Donovan, Jody Peerless Green

Simon Sinek described in Start With Why that to achieve exceptional things and to inspire others to do the same, the reader must understand their why. Their why is a belief, a cause, or a purpose that drives what them do. Understanding their why helps them find and live their passion. When they live their passion, it will permeate into all that they do as a change agent. It will help focus their efforts by keeping them grounded in what they believe in. Gary Keller and Jay Papasan discuss a similar notion in The One Thing. They provide a direct approach on how one can focus their efforts to find their passion that leads to their purpose. They describe a process for understanding how to effectively focus their priorities and efforts on the one thing that will bring about the greatest returns professionally and personally.