chapter  17
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Phase Six: Sustaining

WithTimothy D. Green, Loretta C. Donovan, Jody Peerless Green

Rogers defines sustainability as “the degree to which an innovation continues to be used over time”. He adds that, “unless an innovation is highly compatible with client's needs and resources, and unless clients feel so involved with the innovation that they regard it as ‘theirs’ it will not be continued over the long term”. The Sustaining and Operationalizing phases go hand-in-hand. Operationalizing and sustaining form their own complex web within innovation adoption. These activities if completed with consistency will ensure sustainability of the innovation adoption. During the Operationalizing Phase, reader completed two steps——providing on-going support and ensuring on-going commitment. Professional Learning Communities are common in PK-12 educational environments as a way to provide on-going support for educational practice. In order to be in a position to evaluate and reflect on the innovation adoption, it is very important that reader have a clear sense of how the innovation is being adopted.