chapter  6
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An Ecological Perspective on Teaching and Learning

WithTimothy D. Green, Loretta C. Donovan, Jody Peerless Green

Teaching and learning includes many components. Educator feel slightly silly having stated this because as a change agent this will seem obvious. However, they believe this statement leads to an important concept that is crucial for change agents to keep in mind when working through the change process. The interconnected components make teaching and learning a complex process. These components influence what takes place in the classroom in ways that they may not immediately understand or often consider. It is important to realize that change with one component may cause an unexpected consequence. With this perspective, educator consider a classroom (or a school or district) as an ecosystem with its many interconnected parts. An ecological perspective encourages readers to take a holistic view rather than a narrow view when approaching change and innovation adoption. It is important to consider change and technology adoption in context rather than as an isolated event if the educator want the adoption to be sustained.