chapter  5
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Racial harassment

ByDavid Cowan

This chapter considers the implementation of the Homeless persons units (HPU) policies and procedures. The response to the unqualified level of racial harassment was to encourage agencies to work together, combined with an exhortation on local government and other housing providers to develop and use legal remedies. It was always assumed that considerable problems existed in defining racial harassment. The Code of Guidance did make specific reference to racial harassment. Applicants recorded as having approached the HPU alleging racial harassment would therefore mostly come from the private sector. The government’s response to racial harassment required all agencies to work together and cooperate with each other. HPUs often gave as a reason for not developing any specific policies to racial harassment that there were insufficient numbers of applicants claiming racial harassment to merit a separate policy. Some HPU officers did in fact participate in multi-agency panels, which would provide a coordinated response to individual cases of racial harassment.