chapter  8
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Reforming the homelessness legislation uses of inappropriateness

ByDavid Cowan

This chapter provides an alternative slant on the process of reviewing the homelessness legislation. It discusses the suggestion that some people were so inappropriate enabled the government to avoid discussing the supply-side deficit in the housing equation. The government itself actually focused more clearly on the belief that successful homeless applicants themselves were abusers because they were able to jump the housing queue. The majority of applicants make use of the homelessness legislation after leaving accommodation occupied by their parents, other family or friends. The allegation usually applied to single mothers, but often used more widely, that successful homeless applicants were able to jump the housing queue, was more serious because a simplistic interpretation would suggest that there was an element of truth to it. The judiciary has always accepted that the homelessness legislation enabled successful applicants to jump ahead of others who equally had a genuine need for housing, whether or not this was an accurate proposition.