chapter  5
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Role of surface gauging in extended particle interac- tions: the case for spin

The quality of the matter first striking our senses is its space extent: every physical body we notice in our environment occupies a finite space. From a theoretical point of view one cannot talk of the finiteness of a body, without accepting, at least implicitly, a surface delimiting it. Even though, for a long time now, the theoretical physicists have understood the crucial role of this surface; with the present work we push this understanding to its extreme. Specifically, we document here the statement that not only the surface has the essential role of demarcation of a finite body, but when it comes to the description of a constituent particle of a material structure, it plays a fundamental theoretical part, which we have to consider more closely. Mention should be made, however, that the idea of surface here is not to be thought exclusively in plain geometrical terms.