chapter  Chapter 3
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World Café

WithAnne L. Drabczyk

This chapter provides an overview of the seven principles of World Café: purpose and context, hospitable space, questions that matter, encouraging everyone's contribution, connecting diverse perspectives, listening for insight, and sharing collective discoveries. World Café is a proven participative method that promotes meaningful conversations. Essential roles of the World Café Host and Table Host are presented, and a sample agenda is provided, enabling the reader to replicate the experience. Specifics on how to facilitate healthcare competency inquiry through both student-centric and joint student and healthcare professional World Café are detailed. Insights provided by students and healthcare professionals answer the query: how can healthcare students facilitate Professional Development Service Learning co-curricular experiences in each of the five competencies? The chapter concludes with examples of how World Café has been adapted and applied by healthcare professionals to advance important healthcare agendas.