chapter  Chapter 5
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Healthcare Leadership Competency

WithAnne L. Drabczyk

The healthcare landscape is rapidly changing and strong leadership is needed to navigate the shift. This chapter ties leadership competencies to a leader's accountability function. Key leadership competencies are examined, including communicating a shared vision, organizational climate and culture, and change management. Emerging practices are also explored, such as framing leadership as a process and not simply a role, and incorporating emotional intelligence practices into a leader's repertoire. Student professional development portfolios provide a pre-practitioner perspective of values-driven leadership. World Café debriefs further illustrate that identifying and consistently following a set of core values is necessary to garner respect from a team. The chapter concludes with examples of promising healthcare leadership practices that include the Five Practices of an Exemplary Leader, a student-centric program, a customized approach to leadership development, and an Appreciative Inquiry.