chapter  7
Back to basics
WithCraig J.J. McCann
Pages 23

This chapter sets out a range of action-orientated conclusions for policy makers and practitioners based upon the findings of this book. It highlights that due to the poor coordination between OSCT and DCLG this has led to policy areas, namely the Prevent Strategy, the Hate Crime Action Plan, the Integration Strategy, and latterly the Extremism Strategy, that have been developed in isolation with little in the way of synergy between them, despite the much-needed clarity this would bring in relation to responses to right wing extremism. It concludes that if policy makers persist in their failure to recognize the need for mainstream discourse on issues that underpin support for and have become synonymous with the English Defence League then they risk swelling the ranks of the “extreme right-wing” and bestowing legitimacy on individuals presenting themselves as the spokesmen of those who feel left behind by political representatives who no longer represent them.