chapter  Letter 18
Bullying: The School’s Responsibilities
WithTara Goldstein, benjamin lee hicks, Jenny Salisbury, Pam Baer
Pages 5

Dealing with bullying is the responsibility of teachers and principals. However, when the principal of her daughter’s school didn’t come up with a suitable plan to address the bullying her daughter was experiencing, parent Catherine Hernandez came up with her own plan. When Catherine first found out her daughter was being bullied, she immediately went to the principal and asked to discuss the homophobic bullying her daughter was experiencing. Catherine used an opportunity to deal with the bullying on her own. She then told them to stop and that they needed to respect her family. She also told them school bullying was against the law. Catherine’s plan worked. The bullying stopped. While Catherine was able to make the bullying stop at her daughter’s school, the responsibility to do so wasn’t hers. It was the school’s.