chapter  Letter 7
Gender, Gender Identity, and Gender Expression
WithTara Goldstein, benjamin lee hicks, Jenny Salisbury, Pam Baer
Pages 6

In this chapter, the author presents introductory remarks about gender, gender identity, and gender expression by turning to a book called The Gender Book, which was written as a coloured comic book with hand-drawn graphics and captions. She discusses the differences between gender and sexual orientation. Mel Reiff Hill and Jay Mays, the authors of The Gender Book, begin their exploration into gender by starting with what they think their readers already know. After describing some of the things they think their readers may already know, Reiff Hill and Mays move on to examine which of these things are true and which may be common misconceptions. Here, in their words, are several misconceptions people often have about gender. They clarify that there are more than two genders (male and female), sex and gender are not the same thing, and not everyone feels comfortable with the gender they were assigned at birth.