chapter  Chapter 21
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Application to Chinese Population Prediction

WithYunong Zhang, Dechao Chen, Chengxu Ye

This chapter presents a three-layer feed-forward neuronet approach equipped with a weights-and-structure-determination algorithm for the population prediction of China. As one of the most important factors influencing the development potential of the country, Chinese population attracts considerable attention. Some official organizations regularly publish the predictions of Chinese population every calendar year. With the highest possibility, Chinese population will keep continual increase with a gentle growth rate. Based on the historical population data, engineers can get the overall view on the progress of Chinese population from the past to the future. Population analysis plays a significant role in various social fields, such as policy planning, social and health research, and development monitoring. China has the biggest population size and relatively complicated demographics structure in the world. The population of China is faced with constantly intensifying old problems and newly emerging challenges, such as a shrinking labor force, aging population and sex-selective abortion.