chapter  8
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A Power for Good

ByElisabeth Israels Perry

Public relations were a new field that had arisen in the latter years of the nineteenth century, when large firms began to use press agents to get them free publicity. Many of them, including Belle Moskowitz, were adept at the art long before the field had a name. In March 1920, when Moskowitz became director of the Industrial and Education Department of the Universal Film Company, the step caused comment in the press not only about her high salary but also the novelty of the work she would be doing. Moskowitz’s venture in public relations film-making had been for the Reconstruction Commission, the short film of Alfred E. Smith explaining the benefits of government reorganization. To coordinate the showings and other publicity, Moskowitz organized an “Advisory Council on Education,” a large group of men and women who advised the Authority on how to get its plans across to the public.