chapter  9
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Policy and Publicity

ByElisabeth Israels Perry

Belle Moskowitz affected the development of Alfred E. Smith’s educational policy. New York State faced three challenges in this area: to raise teachers’ salaries, equalize resources across the state, and consolidate rural schools. In dealing directly with women, Moskowitz was hardly self-effacing. She boasted about how she had helped write the governor’s message, took the offensive against a policy she decried, and flaunted her power before a state senator from her own party. Moskowitz took only one post from Smith’s hands, that of Publicity Director for the Democratic State Committee. The publicity bureau had three major goals: to win voter support for Smith’s policies, to re-elect the governor, and, after 1924, to promote him as the Democratic presidential nominee. The publicity director must develop an informed approach to the press, recognizing its diversity and creating material custom designed for each publication.