Against Capital: Unruly Democracy and Popular Economics
WithEdward J. Martin, Rodolfo D. Torres, Mateo S. Pimentel
Pages 16

Postmodern anarchists like Michels may, Saul Newman, and Lewis Call argue that postmodernism contemporizes anarchism, making it relevant to the current political culture of the twenty-first century. Popular-justice forums can act, in similar capacity, as a model by which environmental and socioeconomic-justice concerns can be addressed as a form of binding arbitration. Anarchism and its manifold iterations—including those that subscribe to communist economic visions and violent counterforce—tend to counter the amassing of private wealth. Anarchist principles of social justice and action combined with a Radical Rawlsian socioeconomic moral framework point the way for this restructuring and renewal of democratic institutions. The attempt to try and build a Radical Rawlsian policy for social and economic justice and a more democratic economy will no doubt involve greater collaboration with numerous stakeholders in society and democratic institutions. While hundreds of successful worker-owned businesses abound, the political will to support a democratic political economy and an economic bill of rights can be achieved.