chapter  11
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Lights, Camera, Online

Building an Online Learning Studio to Support Next-Generation Course Development
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The advent of online and virtual instruction has made learning from anywhere on the planet much easier and the world much smaller than ever. Any online or digital learning program exists first and foremost to serve its students. In the Pyramid of Online Learning Support, a development studio serves as a tool to help educational technologists and instructional designers support both the learner and the teacher. The camera can be considered the central point of any online learning studio because there is no multimedia without video. As with cameras, audio equipment can get fairly pricey but is an essential part of the studio. Good video is useless without high-quality audio. Some students are auditory learners and learn better by listening to the presentation rather than reading the materials. Most lighting kits provide enough light for the traditional three-point lighting configuration. This standard arrangement consists of a key light, fill light, and back light.