chapter  13
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Pocket Data Analytics

An Introduction to Practical Applications of Course Analytics in Online Learning 1
ByJohn Vivolo

This chapter provides an introduction to the practical application of pocket data analytics in which instructors can use to proactively improve student engagement and performance. It focuses on at-risk students rather than high-performing students. There are three types of analytics captured in most learning management system that provide real-time reports: time based; individual assignments or contents; and discussion board. Using Pocket Data Analytics, faculty are key to course interventions such as inviting students to office hours, providing additional practice quizzes, or encouraging participation in tutorial programs. Strong measurement of student performance year after year, combined with predictive analytics, can help highlight factors indicating a downward turn in performance. As increasingly more data are collected from online courses, it only makes sense that instructors use these data to proactively improve engagement and performance. Without the fear of “information overload,” the use of these data must be approached with a positive, proactive, and ultimately reinforcing mentality.