chapter  14
25 Pages

Understanding and Ensuring Quality

Designing Assessments and Evaluations for Online Learning
WithElisabeth Gabriel Stucklen

The Pyramid of Online Learning Support shows another good example of how quality is becoming an important consideration at all levels of online learning. This chapter focuses on assessments in online courses and evaluating the effectiveness of online learning. It examines course evaluation, including the importance of incorporating evaluation throughout the course design and delivery process, approaches to evaluation, and how evaluation can effectively inform the validity of a course and its learning objectives. Quality is an important component in any type of higher education learning experience, whether it is in the physical classroom or the online learning environment. There are many considerations and facets to ensuring quality in both modalities, with institutions and organizations developing strategies and using guidelines to address gaps and specifically review the perceived quality of their learning offerings. The chapter looks at how assessment and evaluation contribute to the overall quality of the online learning experience.