chapter  1
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Overview of Online Learning and an (Un)official History

ByJohn Vivolo

This chapter considers two types of tasks that normally happen in person: In-class tasks and Out-of-class. Technology Assisted refers to any effort to introduce technology into the classroom as a means to augment that learning but not necessarily to replace any learning time. Fully Online is the traditional form of online learning. The first online learning efforts started with a fully online learning format. This means that all lectures, discussions, and activities happen in the digital environment. Early forms of online learning begin to appear as organizations and schools begin to recognize the potential of this new technology. The number of Internet uses nearly doubles to 400 million. Universities and for-profits begin introducing online degrees and courses. For-profit online learning companies appear as well. Most universities have online courses and programs, and many corporations choose online learning and open education online rather than pay high prices for traditional corporate education.