chapter  4
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Keeping the Machine and Culture in Sync

Creative Management of Technology-Enhanced Teams
WithMarlene Leekang

The Pyramid of Online Learning Support exemplifies the many facets of a full-service unit of an online learning division, with heavy emphasis on the development and delivery sectors. The flow of work and oversight of an online learning unit varies over time, this chapter shows that leadership and management of the entire machine on a weight-and-pulley system in the pyramid. It explores the day-to-day operations of managing an Online Learning Support and its related support systems. A full-service technology-enhanced team operates as a single unit supporting department and university initiatives in a variety of ways, servicing a degree of stakeholders at each level. Leadership begins at the very top of the university, including stakeholders who do not participate in day-to-day activities. The leadership of an online department typically includes a department head and leaders of each subsector who report directly to the department head.