chapter  5
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Supporting the Online Student

From Suspect to Graduate (Alumni)
WithLisa Ann Bellantuono

This chapter looks at the interconnected role of marketing, recruitment, and student support. It shows that providing a life-cycle approach to focusing on the online student experience. The chapter explores building and implementing an interconnected approach to marketing, recruitment, and student support, providing a holistic experience that is unique to an online learner's life-cycle. The life-cycle can be broken down into our purposes as discovery, prospect, admission, orientation and involvement, graduation and alumni, and re-engagement. The chapter also explores the interconnected role of marketing, recruitment, and student support within the student life-cycle and how each phase supports students throughout their academic careers. While many factors contribute to attrition for an institution, at the top of the list for online programs is the level of interaction and support of students. The admissions stage is one of the first steps in building a sense of community with the potential student, in which the individual has direct interaction with institution.