chapter  6
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Seeing the World

Introduction to International Learners
WithJennifer Lauren

This chapter shows that instructors, trainers, and administrators with strategies on teaching and facilitating in the online international learning setting. Citing specific approaches and insights from educators, global businesses, and institutions of higher education worldwide, it looks at how each is working to prepare students to meet the global competency gap. Teaching to an international classroom, icebreakers give instructors the chance to learn more about each of their backgrounds, in a conversational, no-pressure way. Through firm expectations and open discussion, instructors in the international online classroom can create the foundation for all students to meet academic integrity standards. Suggestions for facilitating an accessible online global course include captioning and transcribing all video content and aiming to consistently present content in a varied number of ways, such as a combination of text, video, audio, and image format. Bringing in current and new voices and diverse perspectives to coursework is particularly of value to international learners.