chapter  Chapter 1
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WithTom Lovett, Chris Clarke, Avila Kilmurray

Adult education may be re-organised in an attempt to provide such a co-ordinated and comprehensive service. The problems they face are thus seen in terms of personal disability or inadequacy, to be remedied by basic education. They have to be taught to ‘cope’ with the complexities of modern family, industrial and political life. The position is essentially a pluralist one, viewing society in terms of ‘competition’ between various interest groups in society for power and resources. In Great Britain Danish Folk High School tradition of active involvement in social movements is historically associated with the National Council of Labour Colleges. The project focuses on the active involvement of the people themselves in researching issues and problems relevant to their lives in their community and work. In a society which is faced with enormous social and economic problems; technological change, crime and vandalism, poverty, major changes in social attitudes, values and living styles, adult education appears to have come of age.