chapter  Chapter 7
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‘Cultural’ Action and the Media

WithTom Lovett, Chris Clarke, Avila Kilmurray

Participation in the media is seen as a means whereby a different vision of society can be presented, breaking down that sense of isolation and inferiority, stimulating self-confidence, encouraging a new sense of community and a radically different set of social relationships. People were able to express themselves, to put it in their own words, in a rich and colourful manner which belied their own lack of confidence in their ability to communicate. The experience of community action and education in Northern Ireland, particularly the experience in setting up local study groups, provided both the material - the themes for the programmes - and the network of contacts and participants necessary for the success of the exercise. As far as the broadcasting media in Northern Ireland is concerned this pilot experiment in community education indicated that it could play an important role in encouraging dialogue and discussion about the common problems and divisions facing the population.