chapter  Chapter 9
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Education and Training for Community Action

WithTom Lovett, Chris Clarke, Avila Kilmurray

The C.A.R.E. project gained considerable experience in the provision of short courses and workshops designed to meet the immediate needs of community groups and community activists. The project also sought to link together in one educational process, the practical, the intellectual and the cultural. The Forum was very much an umbrella body, an ad hoc alliance for the singular pupose of trying out co-operation in the provision of community education. Northern Ireland has a fair number of large country houses, priories and residential centres available to visiting groups. The syllabus was finalised in a fairly definite fashion. Community education has to avoid that awful scene. Student vitality and interest has to be engaged and sustained, more even than with students of a conventional course where the prospect of individual social mobility is a stong incentive to plough on. Community education can guarantee no advancement.