chapter  4
Information Technology (IT) management and the sport media industry
ByDaniel Covell, Sharianne Walker, Curt Hamakawa
Pages 31

Advances in information technology over the past decade represent perhaps the most dynamic set of opportunities and challenges in all of sport management. In this chapter, students will explore sport media, a segment of the sport industry that has significantly embraced innovation in information technology. Sport media is defined by its ability to produce and distribute sport information through a variety of platforms, including live game television and radio broadcasts, live game blogs, pay per view, podcasting, satellite radio, print media and a wide variety of social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Information technology (IT) has significantly shaped the growth of sport media in the last decade in terms of content, speed of information delivery, international audience reach, information access and information delivery. The chapter also examines IT from a management perspective, how emerging information technology is applied in different functional areas of a sport business and how IT plays a critical role in enhancing individual and organizational performance.