chapter  8
32 Pages

Anomalous and Spin-Injection Hall Effects

WithJairo Sinova, Jörg Wunderlich, Tomás Jungwirth

This chapter provides a valuable introduction to a growing family of Hall effects and the importance of the spin-orbit coupling. It introduces the different spin-dependent Hall effects, which are most closely related and discusses the basic mechanisms that give rise to these effects within the metallic systems. The chapter describes the experimental phenomenology of the spin-injection Hall effect and also discusses the theoretical aspects of this phenomenology, which incorporates anomalous Hall effect physics as well as persistent spin-helix physics. The field of the anomalous Hall effect and its progress have been reviewed by N. Nagaosa et al focusing particularly on the new understanding of the underlying physics based on the topological nature of the effect. A natural progression of the physics of the anomalous Hall effect to systems with time-reversal symmetry and with spin–orbit coupling is the spin Hall effect.