chapter  1
WithKerstin Eppert
Pages 10

Chapter 1 presents the main claim of the book and lays out the structure of the argument. It suggests that analyzing UN interventions as a product of institutional discourses and practices allows for new perspective on the function of interventions for the stabilization of (institutional) political identity. The introduction lays out the book’s structure and explains how the argument proceeds in four steps. Using the example of the UN Security Council and the UN Assistance Mission in Iraq, it builds, first, on the approaches of Lene Hansen and Helle Malmvig and argues the reconceptualization of UN interventions as institutional discourses and practices. Second, it outlines the methodological frame that relies on Critical Discourse Analysis and develops an analytical framework. In a third step, the argument sketches the empirical analysis of the dynamic (de)stabilization of Iraq as an object of intervention in UN Security Council debates between 2000 and 2003. Finally, it analyzes the evolution of the object of intervention in the Council’s debates and during the implementation and evolution of UNAMI’s strategic portfolio in Iraq between 2003 and 2010 and concludes with some thoughts on the epistemics of intervention and, in connection thereto, the relevance of knowledge production.