chapter  7
Building a Social Model
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Loglinear modelling has been carried out to ascertain if certain diagnostic variables, had any interaction with social variables and psychometric variables in determining one’s willingness to choose the same partner. The availability depends on one’s social contacts, and also one’s ability and capacity to relate to people. The correlation coefficients between two factor-score variables Social Habits and Relationship Capacity was small (0.12), because of the orthogonal rotation method. The standardised beta coefficient from Social Habits to the dependent variable was the greatest (-0.45), followed by Met through A Medical Setting (0.31) and relationship capacity (-0.23). It was very reasonable that the more active one’s social habits were, the younger one’s age would be at the time of current marriage. The reason could well be that wider or more active social habits broadened one’s social contacts, and subsequently enlarged the available pool of potential mates.