chapter  4
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Carla Cerati’s Photo-Textual Social and Personal Journeys

This chapter discusses some of Carla Cerati photographs and then at La perdita di Diego, her artistic production expresses the ambiguities of her relationship with the camera and an inclination to look for other ways of narrating life stories. Carla Cerati's novels deal with family relations and portray the complex world of women. Thus, while she maintains that photographs continue to document "present" social and political conditions, her writing has the function of delving into the past, and into private and domestic traumas. Cerati seems to insist upon the construction of spaces and subjects through representations. These are abstract verbal representations by others together with more tangible, personal, visual depictions. The panels represent a woman's journey throughout time in her society. Cerati creates photo-textual stories that have no final conclusion. Images and words intertwine in a photo-textual composition that aims to reconstruct the life of women in between their collective, commercial and political characterizations, and self-portrayal.