chapter  15
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User Experience (UX), UX

Written in Collaboration with Celia Hodent
WithHeather Maxwell Chandler

UX, or user experience, is a mindset placing the end user of a product, system, or service at the center of the development process. UX encompasses what it’s like for the targeted user to perceive and interact with the software, including how engaging the experience is relative to the design intentions. The UX team is another source of input that production has to account for. The key is to determine which inputs are going to have the most value for the game team at whatever point they are currently at in the process. The UX team should partner up with designers, artists, and engineers who are interested in UX. The groups can start addressing concerns on a smaller scale instead of doing a comprehensive review of the game’s entire UX. Once the UX and development teams are working together more closely, start defining a process. The development team can then iterate the features that revealed UX issues.