chapter  Chapter 18
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Immersive Narratives and Immersive Spaces

WithCarolyn Hler Miller

This chapter illustrates immersive works have the power to take one out of the daily ordinariness of life and transport one to a totally different experience, from the epic world of a space adventure to a delicate hanging flower garden. Immersive narratives and immersive spaces include a vast array of experiences, including full-scare narratives set in specially crafted ships and Victorian houses; escape rooms; narrative-based theme park rides; Western sets with built-in narrative features and actors; pre-existing historic houses; and immersive art experiences set in modern buildings as well as in rock quarries, old water reservoirs, and de-commissioned foundries. The Grand Paradise is a work of immersive piece combining theater and dance, produced by Third Rail Projects and performed during 2016. Instead of embedding a story in an abandoned bowling alley, a story is embedded in an entire city. The Latitude Society is such a story, and its canvas was the city of San Francisco.