chapter  3
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Life in Refuge

WithEbenezer Q. Blavo

People are forced to leave their homes, familiar environment, friends and relations, occupations, established social services and all the comforts of their country of origin, however minimal, to face an unpredictable future which holds all sorts of dangers. The first and most urgent need of the asylum-seeker is to legitimatize his stay in the country in which he has sought refuge by acquiring Refugee Status. The status is conferred on him by the state that has the ultimate right to determine whether or not he is eligible for the status. When an ordinary alien abroad comes into conflict with the law, he can turn to his country’s foreign mission for help. The management of an exodus demands sincerity, devotion to duty, and integrity on the part of the support system. It also poses a challenge to the patience, understanding and cooperation of asylum-seekers.