chapter  5
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Refugee Policies of African Countries

WithEbenezer Q. Blavo

The United Nations Convention makes it incumbent on Contracting States to recognize the Rights of Refugees in their legislations. The management of refugee affairs by a high-ranking government official such as Minister of State is all-embracing, but the power vested in him to use his discretion in making rules and regulations makes room for arbitrary treatment of refugees. This is particularly serious in matters relating to Refugee Status and to the care of refugees in organized spontaneous rural settlements. Favourable refugee policies encourage refugees to contribute productively their talents and skills for the well-being of the country that has offered them refuge. Humanitarian assistance has helped stabilize population movements and has eventually created conditions favourable to the return of refugees. African countries are strongly implored to give more serious thought to the adoption of laws that aim to overcome the causes of uprootment as a means of prevention in addition to the cure of the ills.