chapter  Chapter VIII
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ByW. Kenneth Richmond

The values implicit in academic culture are not for everyone, nor is this by any means the only age in which creative and original minds have found them stultifying. It is only intellectual arrogance which seeks to persuade us that they are necessarily the highest and the best. Happily this arrogance is not so unshakable as it was a hundred years ago. In a welfare society which is half-way to being affluent the rising generation is not particularly impressed when a higher cultivation is exhibited to it. Instead of kowtowing, the young are much more inclined to look upon the Culture of the Establishment as passe, ‘not with it’ as they say. They have other values. General education, like general religion, constantly runs the risk of being pseudo. The dualism in contemporary culture is only the twentieth century’s version of a perennial dualism. Dissent is the soul of dialectics.